Charanna Alexander

Charanna Alexander

Lifestyle Editor and Heart-Centered Writing Coach

C.K. Alexander has navigated the journey from divorce to blissful re-marriage, an experience that enriches her role as an accredited love coach and matchmaker. Her mission extends beyond finding partners for singles; she empowers them to transform their approach to dating and relationships.

Expertise: C.K. Alexander's expertise is deeply rooted in changing the way individuals think about and approach dating. She recognizes that lasting love often defies common expectations and fairy-tale narratives. By guiding singles to re-evaluate their beliefs about relationships, she helps them to identify and break free from unhelpful patterns that may be holding them back. Her methods are designed not only to find a suitable partner but to help clients become the best version of themselves—confident, self-aware, and ready to engage in a healthy, loving relationship.

Education: As a Certified Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a graduate of The Relationship Coaching Institute, Lee-Anne upholds the highest standards of coaching ethics and practice. Her background is further complemented by her qualifications as an NLP practitioner and her specialized training in Mindfulness Mastery and science-based love coaching techniques.

Experience: With nearly a decade of experience in coaching, hosting singles events, and matchmaking, Charanna has a track record of fostering successful relationships. Her holistic approach is not limited to her life coaching; she is also a teen coach and dance educator, which adds depth to her understanding of human connections. When she's not immersed in the world of dating and love, Charanna can be found teaching dance, exploring new places, and enjoying time with her family. Her dedication to self-improvement and mindfulness is a testament to her belief in lifelong learning and personal growth. Charanna also collaborates with Carmelia Ray Matchmaking and is a member of The Matchmaking Institute, contributing to her comprehensive view of the dating landscape. Her insights and experiences are featured on, making her a prominent voice in the realm of love coaching.

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